Stranger Eyes
Directed and Written by Yeo Siew Hua

Support from IMDA, CNC Aide Aux Cinémas Du Monde, and the Purin Pictures Fund
The Left Handed Girl
Directed by Shih-Ching Tsou
Written by Shih-Ching Tsou and Sean Baker
Directed By Pia Marais
Written By Pia Marais, Willem Droste & Martin Rosefeldt
Black Ox
Directed and Written by Tetsuichiro Tsuta

Support from Agency for Cultural Affairs Co-Production Subsidy
Directed and Written by Neo Sora

Support from Agency for Cultural Affairs Co-Production Subsidy, the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, Sundance Directing Lab and Sundance Catalyst
Testa o Croce? (Heads or Tails)
Directed by Alessio Rigo De Righi and Matteo Zoppis
Written by Alessio Rigo de Righi, Carlo Salsa, and Matteo Zoppis
Death and the Maiden
Directed and Written by Adina Pintilie

Support from Romain Film Centre, Ciclic, MOIN Film Fund, MBB, Innovative Film Austria, and Czech Film Fund
In the Shade Hardly Any Sun
Directed by Andrew Stephen Lee
Written by Andrew Stephen Lee, Neda Jebelli, and Giancarlo Abrahan

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